CM-4101 Teaching double-head stethoscope, single head with two ears

CM-4101 Teaching Use Dual Head Stethoscope:Specification:1.Components:For teaching useChrome-Plated chest-piece ;Standard tubing;Plastic or soft eartips;All kinds of tube are available;2.Function: assist teachers demonstrating to exam sound changed of atrium & lungs & organ in body.3.Operating method and notes:put t

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CM-4101 Teaching Use Dual Head Stethoscope:

For teaching use
Chrome-Plated chest-piece ;
Standard tubing;
Plastic or soft eartips;
All kinds of tube are available;
2.Function: assist teachers demonstrating to exam sound changed of atrium & lungs & organ in body.
3.Operating method and notes:put the chestpiece of stethoscope reference to the picture as follow being brought forth(or put the chestpiece of stethoscope in the midmost arm and let the gauge clamp it).and keep the eartips of stethoscope be consistent with the direction of external acoustic meatus.Don't keep the rubber tube across and tangle up.Keep the friction between the tube and other things not existing so that the auscultation could not be disturbed by spirant;Keep the infirmary quiet for auscultation;if any breath sound disturbing auscultation,you'd better let the patient stop breathing temporarily for a moment;Let the patient sit up quietly and keep bosom bare; Scrutator girds with the stethoscope exactly,make sure that eartips of stethoscope is consistent with the direction of external acoustic meatus.Let the forefinger&thumb and middle finger hold the chest piece and keep it cling on the skin of bosom.the last step is listen to the inner sound of flesh and read the numerical value as a reference to measuring.
4.Period of validity: if use properly and exactly,its checkout periods last for 12 months.
5.Storage requirements: it should be depositted in indoor environment in which the temperature is between -5ºCand+35ºC.and no corrosive gas and excellent is not allowed if the relative humidity of room preponderates over 80%.

Teaching Use Dual Head StethoscopeWith two sets of earpieces allows teacher and student to listen simultaneously. Lightweight anodized aluminum chest piece with a recessed non-chill rubber ring

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