Jimmy Kimmel rolled his eyes at the "QAnon Nuts" gathered in Dallas for the resurrection of JFK Jr. and Trump's anointing | Week

2021-11-04 02:48:23 By : Ms. Linda Lin

"Great pumpkin, but no charm"

"Today in Dallas, hundreds of QAnon Nuts gathered in Dealey Plaza to witness the triumphant return of John F. Kennedy Jr. You may remember that he is dead-he was killed in a plane crash in 1999," Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday Kimmel said to live. "But these people think that he is not actually dead. He has been serving as Donald Trump's secret agent to put him in power." You may "find it hard to believe", he was expressionless, but "he didn't show it. ."

At 12:29 pm, the crowd recited the pledge of allegiance. One minute later, neither Kennedy Jr. nor former President Donald Trump showed up. Someone suggested that the dead Kennedy and his wife would appear at the Rolling Stones concert on Tuesday night. "Nevertheless, even though the heavy rain started pouring down, the crowd still stayed for a few hours," Rolling Stone reported in an express in Dallas. "It's like Linus is waiting for the big pumpkin, but it has no charm," Kimmel sighed. "It's crazy."

Even though JFK Jr. did rise from the dead and joined QAnon supporters at the scene of his father's murder, "Do you think he will be on your side?" Kimmel asked. "Some of the bananas say that old John Kennedy will also appear. This-Kennedy was born in 1917. Even if he is still alive, he will be 104 years old. Why not bring Abraham Lincoln back? Are we there yet?" 

"The revival of JFK Kennedy is the cornerstone of the growing popularity of QAnon conspiracy theories," Rolling Stone reports. "This theory assumes that JFK Jr. has been in hiding for many years and will eventually show himself as Trump’s running partner in the 2024 election." The vice president of Kennedy Jr., "The fanatical fantasy finally claimed that Trump will become one of the seven new kings. The most likely king of kings', quoting a passage from the 17th chapter of Revelation." JFK Jr . Will be the one who appointed him king. 

Kimmel also shot at some "lunatics with below-average IQs in Congress", especially Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), his "colleague from Colorado" Rep. Lauren Boebert (R), and The genius of Georgia," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R). You can look at the above.

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